Student Finance – Journey Maps

Student Finance - Journey Maps

Alberta Advanced Education | 2018

Alberta Student Aid wanted to get a better understanding of how students experienced the student loan process, from submitting their application, to acceptance and management, to repayment



Project Description

Alberta Student Aid asked Trevor and a colleague to help the ministry get better understanding of the entire process of applying, acceptance, managing and repaying a student loan from the student perspective.

Working closely with project stakeholders, Trevor:
• collaborated on a workshop plan and presentation
• helped facilitate workshops with customer support staff
• created empathy maps to capture the different types of students
• built 6 personas to capture the needs of different students
• built a customized current state journey map
• built 6 customized future state journey maps (one for each persona)

Tools & Deliverables

• User research workshops
• Affinity mapping
• Empathy mapping
• Personas
• Information design
• User journey maps

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